You might wonder why on earth some big blokes operating earthmoving equipment in Toowoomba’s industrial area are wearing high visibility hot pink shirts.

It’s a question they want you to ask. They are the mainly male staff of the Toowoomba based Australia-wide business Excavation Equipment (EXEQ) and they will be wearing their big hearts on their chests for Pinktober to raise money for The McGrath Foundation.

EXEQ general manager Ms Catherine Ardi said, “We supported The McGrath Foundation last year and we hope to increase that support even more this year and we’re asking our suppliers, customers and the public to help us in this year’s fundraising effort as every dollar counts.”

The McGrath Foundation raises money to place breast care nurses in communities across Australia and to increase breast awareness in young people, particularly young women.


Loading the truck in their pink high-vis

“It is important to our staff to do all they can to raise awareness of breast cancer as so many Toowoomba people, including staff members’ families, have been touched by this awful disease,” Ms Ardi said.

“We decided to wear the high visibility pink shirts as an obvious positive message of support to those fighting breast cancer.

“We particularly wanted to raise awareness of the fact that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women but men too.”

According to Breast Cancer Australia statistics the estimated number of new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in 2016 will be 16,084 of which 150 will be breast cancer diagnosed in males.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85 and about 30 men are diagnosed in Queensland each year. If diagnosed and treated early there is a 90 per cent chance of surviving.

It is estimated that 27 Australian men will die from breast cancer in 2016.

“We are encouraging men to check their chests regularly, just as women do, and if they find anything unusual to see their GP immediately,” Ms Ardi said.

“Men often tend to be a bit lackadaisical about their health and think there is some stigma in having breast cancer but it is a notion that has to change and we are encouraging men to pay attention to their health.

To donate go to the link: which will lead you through making a donation.

EXEQ, on the corner of Boundary and Taylor Sts, services the needs of the crushing and earthmoving industry and apart from Toowoomba, has bases in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Christchurch in New Zealand.

The business has been nominated for a raft of business awards and this week won the Heritage Bank Business Excellence Awards subdivision ‘Automotive and Machinery and the overall Retail category for the second year in a row.

EXEQ have also been listed in the top 50 of Australia’s fastest growing companies through BRW’s Fast Starters.

Article by: Julie Carter/Kate Dodd

Photography: Miraposa Images

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